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This War is in the future. This War had driven many survivors from a horrible day crazy and psychotic.
Right now, This is the year 2012.


Four Pairs of steps on the devastated floor of the building that they are on for a while only in the room
after witnessing a brutal fight between the two, Spongebob and Patrick. All of them, Libby and the person
with the dark hat are all about to confront the thing that they feared the most and probably have
the choice of fighting back against when there is trouble.

They wouldn't know it yet.

Around the seminar of untouched but griminess ensued structures of a dozen metal lockers leaves
a hallway towards someplace of an exit or anywhere that this building seems to be equipped with,
The Four People had not known about this building for years of surviving, that is suppose if
they have been hiding inside someplace else, instead out of the world.

Because just out of the world is the very danger that becomes alive at day between or behind them.
So all of their families had a reason to stay together, away from their enemies and keep hidden
of their surroundings all the way.

However, Their Enemies are able to look further and by the crumbs of places finding them to
terminate each of any one, some have barely survived, at least of this onslaught of their
dominant seekers of annihilation.

That is just what fate could have brought over to the four people walking precariously
on the hallway of lockers, behind their backs.

A Surprising Loud Metallic Thud had thundered behind the people, getting one person to notice what was
behind them, a working, buckled, grease-slicked machine that was towering over the four,
armed with a weapon that is about a 40 watt ranged, phased plasma rifle.

This Hostile Bolts immediately fired a sparkling, bright shot at one of them.
But by a long inch, all of the four ducked in a pattern of evasive maneuvers, putting this
very intensely light fire-bolt to the left of the robot's sight.

Not just one but four more lightning darts charges out after the first,
It really just missed all of them, they were fine from this shoot-em-up and just when the robot
starts to pull the trigger again of its powerful gun,

One Person accelerated towards the robot, Patrick comes up
with a zoomy body throw at the ribs of this robotic monster.

Only able to up stand a great power at the robot downwards, but the machine draws a plunge,
Pitting Patrick a counter-attack, throwing him at the rims of the left lockers it put on sight,
in a deadly view.

This Robot quickly fires another shot towards the rest of them, Spongebob, Libby and
The Person with the hat.

But Suddenly Libby came up running towards the robot, and jumped up to kick with her right leg,
bashing over the head of the robot after the shot missed the target all at once.
Libby fell back down after executing that attack.

She was pretty hurt badly but she could be recovering after that suffering she thrown at the machine.

All to putting, rendering the robot fall to its knees, even dropping its weapon after that heavy bash.

Patrick quickly crawls around the rifle that was dropped, and held it to himself captive from the
original owner, the bucket of bolts.

The Person with the hat holds the robot's head, and putting both his legs to push upright the
back portion of the machine, towards pulling off the head of death.

But Spongebob didn't want to do anything to do with it, he was about to slowly back away from the scene.

"Quick, Help Pulling out its head, Patrick!" Tim called out to him.

"Hit it! Hit it!"
Patrick quickly came to his position, and desperately strikes with a bash of the rifle that he holds
towards the head of the robot a couple of times in a flash.
'****! It's not working, Tim.'
"Come on, come on."

Spongebob did only try to walk away.

Libby was far back lying down on the floor, dazed.
She was a few inches away from the robot, trying to recover.

With Patrick and "Tim" struggling to keep the machine dismantled,
The Robot dragged, got up for the time, and tries reaching for Spongebob
walking away even quicker from what he is seeing.

Patrick and Tim could not keep it back any longer from what they are pulling the strongest mechanical
force ever created on earth, They both fell down minor-noted, but the rifle was thrown out
of Patrick's hands when it did, landed in front of the view of the walking death machine.
But The Machine was not on time, Passing Libby's Body down the floor beside it.

Libby rolled to the right, directly at the front of the machine's legs, She pulls both of her legs and was hoping
this last chance. She releases, striking her legs to the chest of the oncoming robot on cue with
both Tim and Patrick quickly pulling each arm of the robot with speed and power at the same time.

That they all sent the robot falling down back towards the surface rim of the lockers behind,
and it made an astounding tackling, destructed crash in front of them.

All of the pieces of the technology of this machine were flying back towards the three people that started it.

The Three were relieved from that danger, and Spongebob sat down, afraid of this very time that
the others did what they defended themselves from.

Libby uttered quietly "you are sure you're a genius?"

Patrick stands up, says out to everyone "Ouch, who's got a hard head over here?"

Tim walks around the destroyed robot, kicks big chunk pieces of the wrangled metal
"It's all icky around here."

Spongebob tells everyone "that's creepy.."

Around the debris of all that was alive in parts and nails, Libby stands and was walking towards the
machine where Tim is, having a glance at him for a moment, as there was some sort of
attracted compliment that Libby brought over to Tim.

He stares back at her, puts up a smile. As Libby smiles back at him.

Snickering Libby bends down to grab the weapon that was in front of her, carefully reloads the gun
at her would-be disposal, "Out the way, Little Man." She said.

Then there was another heavy vibrated explosion out of the building, clashes closer than
the four of them can remember standing back at the room.

Patrick, Spongebob, Tim were all nervous about what's coming to them or what themselves
might come to, Libby was readying her weapon and was walking further before the others
and anticipating what is and goes outside, waiting.

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